Monday, March 31, 2014

Disconnecting on Sundays

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was good, rainy but good.Yesterday the weather was insane. It went from pouring down rain to snow! After church we were actually supposed to go grocery shopping but decided to just eat what we had in the house after seeing the downpour. So we went back home and changed into our jammies. I whipped us up some turkey tacos and we talked about church as we munched away. Then we watched a documentary of my choice about becoming a vegan and then Anya chose 101 Dalmations for us to watch. So our Sunday was spent cuddled on the couch laughing and just enjoying the day. During this time I forgot that my phone needed charged, matter of fact I didn't even take my phone out of my purse almost the entire day. Can I tell you it was blissful!

Recently I wrote a post about distractions that make us miss out on life's  moments. Yesterday I came to the realization of how important disconnecting is to my own quality of life. I've decided I want to become more conscious about disconnecting and being present. Not having the phone charged allowed me to just be in the present, laugh with my kid, cuddle and enjoy the day without the temptation of checking emails, returning texts, looking at instagram, seeing what everyone was up to on Facebook or answering phone calls. I was simply in the moment. The connections to the world we have through technology is almost a blessing and a curse. A blessing because we can connect with loved ones regardless of distance and it gives us convenience. On the other hand it can be a curse if we allow it to interfere with our personal time and if we find ourselves unable to disconnect when we're trying to actually have human connection. I know I'm guilty of it and I want to make a change.

I decided to make Sunday my disconnect day. This means no phone or computers all day. I won't be checking emails, texts or answering phone calls. I will keep my phone charged in case of emergency and I will answer my phone if Anya calls when she's over her dad's house. I definitely need a day to disconnect and enjoy my world without technology. I want to spend more uninterrupted time cuddling on the couch, reading the bible, sitting on the porch, and just enjoying life without looking at my phone. I'm looking forward to reclaiming a day of rest that replenishes me and allows me to refocus on my blessings! Here's to disconnecting on Sundays!

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Nicole Blean said...

Wow! I'm inspired to do the same thing. I definitely downshift but don't disconnect all the way on Sundays even though I would like to.
What's funny is that God knows what is in my heart and anytime the internet is acting up, guess what day it is? Sunday. And then I am reminded to turn of the electronics!