Thursday, October 16, 2014

81 Days of 100 Days of Happiness

#81 is Playing in the Rain!
The rain was falling and me Anya were smiling as we played in the rain! As Anya would say the rain is refreshing!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Faith Sometimes Means Walking Blind

Since I've been walking mostly every morning after I drop Anya off, I find myself having free time for some one on one time with God. I can't begin to express how cathartic these walks have been to my soul. There is something wonderful about being in nature, walking and meditating on God. There are days I am filled with joy and you can tell by the pep in my step. Then there are those days where I've freely let the tears flow and that's been good too, because there is rest when we're in step with God. When we are communicating with him, listening, and trusting in him there is an unmistakable calmness that permeates our being.

Today as I was walking I came to a track where I usually do a couple rounds of walking. The wind started picking up and I had this urge to just close my eyes and keep I did. Now, don't worry it was safe. It is very smooth, no bumps and it was only me out there. As I closed my eyes and could see nothing I thought about faith. Hebrews 11:1"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." In those seconds I couldn't see a thing. Isn't that how life is? We have no idea what the next moment will bring. We can be sure of what we hope for however, when we are unable to see how it's all going to turn out that's where our faith comes into play. We have to rely on God to guide us through the uncertain paths that life leads us on. Although we have a destination in mind or a goal in sight it doesn't mean that it will manifest in our time. Faith involves having patience and knowing that God will guide us. Like the wind he embraces us with a cool comfort, he whisper to us and if we listen close enough we can hear him.

When I closed my eyes while walking I saw darkness, yet oddly I was comforted because I knew the path in front of me. We can find solace even in the darkness because we can be assured that God knows our path! He had it laid out before we were born. All we have to do is let him blow us along the trail. How often do we try to figure out the reasons, look to everyone else for solutions when all we have to do is be anchored and steadfast in our faith. Why was I not afraid to fall? I knew the path. When we truly comprehend that God knows our life and what will be in it and what won't be in it we can walk along unafraid, knowing if we stumble he is beside us.

It felt so exhilarating walking with the wind blowing on my face, my eyes closed and moving forward in faith. Think about how wonderful it is when we let go and walk with a faith rooted in Christ. Thinking about how many times I did walk blindly and dangerously in situations I was humbled recalling how God opened my eyes, gave me light and grace and didn't forget me when he had every reason to let me go astray. Do not lose faith, believe in God even when you can't see a thing because he is that invisible wind that is always right there.

Easy Fall Flower Decor

Fall colors are so vibrant and beautiful aren't they? It is so easy to utilize nature's elements indoors. Here is an easy floral fall decoration I put together yesterday. The flowers are from Trader Joe's only $3.99, the vase was from Ikea I think for about $1.99 and the chestnuts were picked up around the neighborhood at my daughter's school and they were free! All I did was add some water to the vase, cut down the flowers, add the chestnuts around the base and tie some twine around the vase to add a little fall flavor. Aren't they pretty? They added a sweet touch to my den, but I think they'd look great anywhere in the house.

Day #80 of 100 Days of Happiness

Day #80 is Writing in my Journal Rainy Days
We've been getting a ton of rain! But, I'm enjoying the coziness of the cooler temperatures. Today I curled up and wrote in my spiritual journal. This is a very personal journal where I express my faith, my prayers, my fears and I lay them out in writing. I don't do it as often as I should, but when I do I always feel lighter, which of course makes me happy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness Idea #10

Idea #10 Is Let Someone Cut in Front of You in Line
This cost $0 and it is so simple and nice to do. Believe me someone will appreciate that you let them get in front of you. Today I was at Barnes and Nobel and a woman had gone around to the wrong entrance to pay. I was in line and cashier said, that I was in front. I told her to go ahead in front of me. She was so appreciative and thanked me twice. It is the little kind things that can have a big impact in the day of a stranger's life. Kindness can be so hard to come by, so why not just do the small, gracious, courteous acts that speak from our hearts. 

#79 of 100 Days of Happiness

#79 is Working on Pretty Projects for My House
I love pretty things! I especially like those pretty things that include my own personal touch. I'm working on this little project that I'll be hanging on my wall. The cards are ones I created, and my idea is when people visit to let them pick one that they like. I'll post a picture when it is hanging on the wall :)

#78 of 100 Days of Happiness

#78 is Me at the 5 Mile Mark

Walking every morning has become a habit, one that makes me happy and clears my mind. Although this is an unflattering picture of me from this am I kind of like it! This is me at my 5 mile mark, sweaty, walking and keeping it all in stride.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Goal Update on A Healthy Me

Walking-Goal for the past week was 16 miles -Goal Met!
Monday-6.13 Miles walked 513 Calories burned
Tuesday-6.43 Miles walked 532 Calories burned
Wednesday-5.01 Miles walked 434 Calories burned
Thursday-No walking had a picnic for Anya
Friday- 5.24 Miles 474 Calories Burned
Total Miles Walked 22.81 Miles and 1953 Calories Burned! Yeah Surpassed My Goal

Since October 1st I've walked 31.2 Miles and in September I walked 48.9 miles (I walked 12 times) for a total of 80.1 miles.

Weights- Goal is 100 Reps 4x This week
Sunday-100 Repetitions with arm weights
Tuesday 100 Repetitions with arm weight

Crunches-100 Crunches 5x This week
Sunday-100 Crunches
Tuesday -100 Crunches

I'm falling really short on the weights and crunches not sure why, but I'm working on it

Love what I see on my walks!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

#77 of 100 Days of Happiness

#77 is Tasty Treats for Fall
I'm having a party for Anya soon and I get giggly thinking about all the fun that awaits. This was a treat I made last year that the kids loved.