Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Goal Update on A Healthy Me

As I mentioned in my blog from yesterday, I have goals that I want to start working more seriously towards achieving. One of those goals is a healthier me. I would like to drop some pounds, but more importantly be healthy so that I can take care of my daughter and do all those things God has in store for me. Here is my 1st update!

Walking Goal- Walk 15 Miles a Week
Monday- 4.61 Miles (419 calories burned)
Tuesday- 5.26 Miles (441 calories burned)

Weight Exercises For Arms Goal- 4 Times a Week 100 Reps
Tuesday-100 Reps

Crunches Goal- 100 Reps 5 Times a Week
Tuesday- 100 Crunches

I'll probably add more as I go along, but I think this is a good start!

This is why I love walking, So gorgeous! I may burn more calories on the treadmill but it has nothing on the view!

Being In Tune With Your Flock

Acts 20:28 Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers.
My little sheep getting some rest

I'm a big advocate of not overbooking your kid. I'm very intentional about Anya having free unstructured time because I believe that is when they unleash their imagination and creativity. Our week is busy just with life stuff. Our schedule goes something like this Tuesday and Thursday is ballet class for an hour and a half, Wednesday is Bible study and once on the weekend she has Nutcracker rehearsal for an hour and then there are chores and homework. Today, I picked her up from school so she could make  ballet class at 4:15. When I picked her up she looked kind of blah. As I was talking to a teacher she went back into the school. With time ticking away, I went inside to look for her and she was sitting by the wall. I told her we had to get going and I could see she was ready to cry. After getting in the car she said she was really tired. She said she felt okay and didn't feel like going to ballet, but she would.

After driving for a few moments, I told her that if she wanted to stay home from ballet tonight it was fine with me. Now, paying for ballet is literally like a car payment and I'm not exaggerating so she goes to ballet! But, I know my kid and I know when she's tired and needs a break. I think it's important as parents that we recognize when our kids just need to rest. She ate her snack that I brought for her in the car, got in the house, took her uniform off and flopped on the couch. Then she said what she always says when she needs some TLC, "Momma I need some hospitality." So I cuddled on the couch with her and read Berenstain Bears (this is when I really know she needs TLC) to her and started to read her favorite story from the bible and she was sound asleep. She slept for about an hour and a half and I stayed curled up next to her for awhile just resting and enjoying my sweet eight year old next to me.

Tonight I was reminded of how important it is to pay attention to our child's moods and to be in tune to what they need. Although Acts 20:28 is not necessarily about children, I'd like to think that we are overseers of our flock. We protect them, provide for them, lead them and know their condition so that we can understand what they need. Today Anya needed hospitality, rest and a little pampering. When she woke up I had her favorite food ready and gave her a bunch of kisses. I love being a momma and having that gift of intuition that comes with the job.

#65 of 100 Days of Happiness

#65 Rainy Days!
Rainy days are so cozy and serene, they always put a smile on my face. I love watching the rain fall and sometimes even playing in it with Anya!
This was a couple of years ago when we got caught in the rain :)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Taking The Steps To Achieve God's Will In My Life... Starting Now!

Reach Your Vision by Looking Up!

I get the feeling that everyone I speak with lately would rather be doing something else other than what they're doing. Most people are working to receive a paycheck, but there is no real gratification. It is an interesting crossroad, especially as a single mom because there isn't a supplementing income. We have to pay the bills and often times this means working somewhere we don't want to work, or having a career that isn't personally rewarding. Sadly, there are very few people I know who wake up excited to work.  Many single moms put their dreams on hold because chasing after dreams is an unrealistic pursuit when there's a mortgage, groceries to buy and kids to raise and you do it primarily on your own. But, aren't we meant for more than the mundane? Don't we deserve to dream and make our vision a reality? Life isn't a dress rehearsal we have a short time to use our talents, abilities, and gifts to do whatever it is that God has in store for us to do. I don't believe he wants us to put our life on hold or to just give up on our dreams because of our circumstances. Instead  I believe he wants us to dig in dipper. to put our faith in him and his unlimited power and resources. When we tap into God's will for us and have faith in it, is there anything that is impossible? No there isn't! The bible tells us through Christ all things are possible. Why then do so many of us just talk about what we wish we were doing instead of acting on it and making it happen?

I'm not criticizing anyone out there, because I'm as guilty as the next person! I feel the stir way down in the depths of my soul, I hear the whispers from God telling me I am made for so much more and yet I hold back. I procrastinate, I focus on the roadblocks instead of knocking them down. I doubt my gifts and talents, but yet admire those who are doing precisely what I wish I was doing. The difference is they are making it a reality! I've had some amazing God given opportunities that I know are just a tip of the goodness that God has in store for me if I just fall back and let him lead. Lately, instead of whispering I feel like God is yelling in a loud but gentle voice and he is nudging me (or should I say kicking) me out of my comfort zone into the zone that he has created for me. I'm fighting it through my usual stubborn habits, but he is having none of it and I know it is time to pursue, seek and act upon the vision that is clearly in front of me.

We have this God given potential, but potential is nothing but potential if we refuse to take advantage of it and unlock what lies deep in the recesses of who we are and share it with others. Yes we have to put food on the table and keep a roof over our heads, but making a commitment to do one step every day to work towards our dreams isn't selfish it is being obedient if we know it is in God's will for us. I know when we take one step God helps us with the next one and the next and so forth, then that vision draws nearer!

Every day my goal is to make a step towards my vision. I have a few ideas for an Ebook. The plan is laid out I just need to write every day to make it happen. So my goal is to write at least one page every day this week (hopefully more) but at least one. So I'll be giving you little updates. There are some other things I'm interested in doing, like getting in better shape, and trying to sell my cards and crafts, also I'd like to step this blog up a notch. I'll be posting those goals and updates throughout the week. I encourage you to take this as a challenge and start moving! Move toward your dreams and every day make one step no matter how tiny or how big they are to achieving your vision. There is so much we need to be doing so let's get to it! 

What We Had For Dinner Tonight

Tonight's dinner was fish, red potatoes with green beans and broccoli. It was simple and yummy!

Day #64 of 100 Days of Happiness

#64 is Nature 
Nature makes me happy. Since I've been able to walk in the mornings I've enjoyed breathing in the fresh air and experiencing all of nature's little wonders. Today I saw this sweet little bunny grazing and hopping along. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Don't Give Me a Break Give Me Grace

Grace...undeserved favor. Grace is a gift we receive through Jesus although none of us deserve it, but it is what he gives to us freely. If Jesus who was absolutely perfect, who was the embodiment of love who endured a horrendous death on the cross could give us grace why is it that we find it so hard to extend to others when we are offended? Do you notice how easily people are offended? You accidentally bump into someone and they give you the stare of death or you don't drive quick enough when the light turns green and someone is laying on their horn or worse giving you a lewd gesture, why is it that we get our feathers ruffled so quickly? I've had to ask myself this question a lot in the past couple weeks. I've been offended and have been the offender. I experienced a situation recently where someone was rude to me for no reason at all and the worst thing was I didn't expect it! This person on several occasions always greeted me with a hug and a huge smile, I was blindsided when I asked her a question and she responded rudely. I then became the offended one and I was angry!How dare you get snippy when I simply asked you a question and did nothing to you! I could feel my temperature rising and then I felt my heart falling, because I was disappointed and my feelings got hurt. Usually with anger comes a tender heart that gets pretty beat up in the process.

I had to take a step back and think about the entire situation and  the possible reasons this person acted this way towards me. We were in a somewhat stressful situation and I think they may have been feeling unappreciated. Then I had to examine myself and ask why I was so offended and why I was having a hard time extending grace to someone who was probably feeling some of the same pressure I was experiencing. I didn't snap at anyone, but if I had unleashed what I was feeling inside I probably would've offended a few people to say the least. After the hurt subsided I thought about what Jesus would do... would he harbor anger or bitterness? No, he would forgive them just like he forgives me over and over and over and over.. you get the picture right? Do I deserve his grace? Not at all, but I am grateful for it and if he can give me grace for my colossal screw ups surely I can give grace to another sister or brother in Christ who may have just been having a bad day, right? 

When I look at the world the one thing that strikes me is how brutal we are with each other. There is so much blame, anger, resentment and sadness that constantly permeates us as individuals and as a collective whole. I shudder when I listen to the news because people can be so unforgiving and unloving. Even those who say they are Christian and that is disheartening, because we should be the light. It is fine to disagree, but where is the love? Where is the grace and compassion? Collectively we've become a nation that is offended on a consistent and constant basis and with that comes so much unrest and unhappiness.

We are flawed and we will offend each other.I think people get really concerned about others getting one over on them or giving out too many breaks because then you can  get taken advantage of, but what we really need to do is humble ourselves to give the grace that we all are so desperately in need of in an imperfect world with imperfect people. My advice is give grace freely! Give it when the other person least expects  or deserves it, give it when what you'd rather do is yell and stomp your feet. Give grace generously. Don't suffocate it, but let it live by sharing it with everyone you encounter. Extend grace when your heart is broken and the tears are flowing, or when you would prefer to run and wash your hands of that person, because that is precisely when it is most needed. Lastly, know how to recognize and accept grace when it is given, because it is a precious gift that makes life so much easier and kinder. 

Nothing Says Fall Like a Delicious Pumpkin Roll!

Fall has arrived and so has the pumpkin craze! I'm obsessed with pumpkins so last year I tried my hand at making a pumpkin roll and it was delicious. It's fairly simple and so yummy! I had the recipe posted awhile back, so if you are interested in making this pumpkin roll for you family go to You will make more than one!

#63 of 100 Days of Happiness

#63 is Breakfast in Bed Made by Anya!
Anya is such a sweetie and always makes me happy and made me happier when she made me breakfast in bed!

#62 of 100 Days of Happiness

#62 is Teacher Appreciation Night!
It made me happy to see everyone happy at Teacher Appreciation Night!